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June 24th  2017

McMinnville, TN

 Proud to be located in the heart of middle America. 

A horse is worth more than riches. ~Spanish Proverb




Who is this for? Anyone who needs a higher level of site service. Custom coded specialty sites. Examples:

  • A site where a visitor could upload a picture to a certain area on a map and then that picture would be displayed when one clicked on that area of the map.
  • A database site that could handle more than 10000 records and allow searching and listing of said records.
  • A site where each of the many pages is custom designed with a specific and different look for a specialty retail or corporate need.
  • A social network start-up.

Prices start at $10,000. Some sites may not be as much or much more, depending on how much custom coding is needed. Please contact me for this service, very limited availability for these sites as I need to be sure I have the time needed.





















Design Prices

$800 Simple Site

$1200 eCom Lite

$2000 eCommerce
or Directory Site

$5/mo Regular
$20/mo Large