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My recommendations

I had a clear vision of what I wanted for my non-profit organization's website, and Heather Salamone certainly was able to deliver it! I found Heather to be very dedicated to her work and attentive in capturing exactly what I wanted. She works in a timely manner, was willing to research special features and kept me updated on the entire process. The end result looks amazing and I have had so many positive comments about how fabulous it is! I would highly recommend Heather for any website work.
Cindy Daigre
Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary

Heather Salamone, 3d palette, is an incredibly talented web designer. With her hands on treatment she took my web site, previously handled by a large impersonal firm, up at least 4 notches. I get more web traffic and consequently have made more money. When I moved my business from retail to wholesale the whole process was painless with the task being completed in a very short time. Heather is efficient, creative, fair, and honest and truly cares about her finished product. She is easy to work with, easy to access, returns calls and emails promptly and most importantly---------knows what she is doing creatively and mechanically. Usually I have found when someone is as creative as Heather they are not as good at the mechanics of the web design. With Heather I have the best of both worlds. I would not move my business to anyone. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

3D Palette has been the best website experience we've ever had. Our site was built with incredible attention to our needs and our style with some invaluable design suggestions from 3D Palette. Our site has given a huge boost to our sales, and our customers almost always compliment us on how comfortable our site makes them feel. The service we've received from 3D Palette has always been fast and efficient. We couldn't recommend a web designer more highly than 3D Palette.

Heather designed and maintains our website which we use for our rental properties. She is very quick to update the website whenever we have any vacancies or need to update photos, property descriptions, etc. The website has helped us to rent our properties quickly with less effort since applicants can easily view interior and exterior photos of all our properties online - they can even submit an application via the website or sign up to receive automated email notifications each time we have an upcoming vacancy. We highly recommend her. Great job!
Visit our website at:

Heather Salamone with [The 3D Palette] has done a wonderful job designing our new website. Speaking for the entire group of the Caravan Singers of Southern Middle Tennessee, I, Dale Carroll recommend her work for anyone who is in need of a professional looking website to contact her. She is easy to work with and full of great ideas that made our experience very joyful. It's only been up a few days and we've already received new bookings. Check us out!

I am very impressed with the amount of real, actual, paying customers I have aquired from my 3D Palette website. People who weren't even aware of some of the services I provide were able to find out more about me, and were positivly influenced by the website to contact me and use those services. I would say I have gotten nearly half my new business from the website.

Heather is very easy to work with. She can do exactly what you want if you already have a plan, or she can build the site from the ground up. She is very creative and has a great artists perspective. She is also an ace on the technical aspects.

The best thing is that Heather is a lifelong horsewoman, and understands the needs of equestrian businesses. I highly recommend her.
Barn Star Farm

When taking the time to look for a website design person, I knew I needed someone that had creativity, flexibility and more knowledge than about web stuff than me (as I was currently doing my own site out of Microsoft Front Page). I was referred to Heather through a mutual acquaintance that knew I needed someone to help me out in expanding my website. I knew of other people doing this, and I had seen their work - some were high end firms with very sleek and nice web designs, starting out at around $2500-$3000 (yes, that is 2 to 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS), others were more reasonably priced, but unfortunately I felt I was on par with their capabilities, and they weren't exactly cheap. So I thought, what the heck! I'll give this lady a try, she seems pretty nice.

I've never looked back! Heather and the 3d Palette have been AMAZING. Totally redesigned my website with custom artwork and my general guidance. If I didn't particularly care for something, I just said so, and she changed it until I was satisfied. I actually had a professional looking site!! Yay! Since I had been doing my own site for quite some time previously, I was a little controlling at the beginning. It was MY site; it represented ME, and NO ONE ELSE could word things properly, or place things on the page like I could. Or so I thought. Heather never batted an eye, she was quick and prompt with every change, allowed me full access to the back end of my site, and either used my verbage exactly as dictated, or kindly suggested a much better layout or wording.

When it came time to update my husband's website, there was only one person to ask. I got the files over to Heather, and she had the site up overnight. Literally. As always, she is never bothered when I ask her to make a modification, however small or large. It could be that I accidentally left out to make this word in bold, or can we scratch that and start over?

I thought that with all of the work she had done for me, I would cease to be impressed by her great attitude, customer service, and ingenuity. I had an idea for a THIRD site, and I went to Heather, of course. Guess what? I was absolutely dumbfounded by her capabilities. This site was a major undertaking, By this time, I knew I could trust Heather to represent me in my own unique way without trying to micromanage. I gave her a basic color scheme and an excel spreadsheet that was my class list & entry form. She gave me back a fully functioning site, ideas for logos, web to email forms, converted my files to .pdf for easy viewing, the list goes on and on. This site grew and changed from an idea in my head to the best horse show website I have ever seen (albeit I may be partial) in 2 weeks. I was getting emails to "please proof this in the morning" at 2 am. Heather worked diligently and above and beyond on this beautiful and well thought out site.

Heather & The 3D Palette have been the best investment I have made. Not only did I get great, ingenious service, I got a colleague as well.

Thanks Heather, for always exceeding my expectations!
Halliea Milner



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